Free tools and code snippets that give your Webflow sites super powers.

What is Finsweet?

Finsweet is a web development agency that specializes in developing f**king sweet Webflow sites. Lucky for us, they also give a lot of great things back to the Webflow community. While it requires a bit of code, their javascript CMS library extends the functionality of Webflow collections in some really useful ways. In addition to their javascript library, they also have free tools for creating calendar invites, language localization and a bunch of other hacks. Their site is definitely worth checking out.

Why we use Finsweet

When it comes to extending Webflow functionality, Finsweet offers some really compelling features. Not only are they free to use, but they are often a simple javascript library that is simple to implement and doesn't require subscribing to another servicing. Bottom line, when it comes to extending Webflow functionality, checking Finsweet's tools and hacks is a solid first place to look.

If Finsweet doesn't have what you need or you're not comfortable with javascript, Jetboost is a great no-code tool that has some overlap with Finsweet features.

Our take on Finsweet

As a web development agency specializing in Webflow, Finsweet knows the common ways people want to extend the functionality of Webflow. As a result, their solutions are a super useful and can fill those frustrating gaps that can take your site to the next level.

However, with Finsweet solutions you will usually need to include some bits of code. This may include javascript, HTML or CSS. So if you're not comfortable digging under the hood of Webflow a bit, Finsweet may not have the solutions for you. That said, Finsweet solutions are about as simple to implement as custom code can be. They have video walk throughs for nearly every solution and even provide documentation and community support.

Learn more about Finsweet

Visit the Finsweet website to learn more, get pricing and see if Finsweet is right for you.

Visit the Finsweet Website

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