If you can dream it, you can build it with Webflow. This tool should definitely be on your short list of website development platforms...

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a powerful online visual website builder. While there are templates you can use as a starting point, the real power of Webflow is that you can do just about anything in Webflow — whether you start from a template or not.

This flexibility is a double-edged sword: you can build anything... but at the same time, you can build anything. In other words, Webflow will let you color outside the lines — which can result in some rough results.

Why we use Webflow

We LOVE Webflow for two primary reasons:

  1. When it comes to custom design, animations and interactions, Webflow is unmatched. Nearly eEvery other web development platform we've used has significant limitations . Webflow gives nearly as much flexibility as writing everything from scratch.
  2. Maintaining and updating Webflow sites is a dream. Whether you're building a site to maintain yourself or handing if off to someone non-technical — Webflow maintenance headaches a thing of the past.

Our take on Webflow

Similar to the Adobe Suite, there is a learning curve to Webflow. Technically anyone can grab a Webflow template and make a site — just like anyone can get a Photoshop file and make a poster — but it takes some time to become proficient and understand how everything works. As a result, we don't recommend Webflow for everyone. Just like some people are more suited for Canva instead of Photoshop — some people are more suited for SquareSpace than Webflow.

That said, if you have some experience with frontend web development or the Adobe suite, Webflow will probably come much easier. And once you learn your way around, there are no limits on what you can create in Webflow.

When to consider not using Webflow

There are a few reasons to look elsewhere for your web development platform.

You might consider not using Webflow if...

  • There is an industry specific platform that has really useful functionality for your business right out of the box. You could create this in Webflow, but it might be easier elsewhere.
  • You have a huge eCommerce shop. Webflow can do eCommerce, but in this case you're probably looking at Shopify.
  • You are handing the site off to someone who is non-technical, but they will want to create new pages, add/remove sections of content and dig under the hood a bit. Webflow locks things down so contributors can't muck up the architecture or design. In this case we recommend SquareSpace.
  • You, or your team, has deep experience with another platform. While we think Webflow is the cats pajamas, that doesn't mean you need to ditch your team. If something is working for you, keep at it.

Learn more about Webflow

Visit the Webflow website to learn more, get pricing and see if Webflow is right for you.

Visit the Webflow Website

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