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No code doesn’t have to mean no complexity.

After creating User Generated Software for years, we’ve stepped on a lot of rakes and seen how complex no/low code software can become. So we’re sharing some tips, tricks, snippets and ideas to make your life a bit easier and take your project to the next level.

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Spice Guide

Each recipe is given a spice level to indicate its complexity.
This rating is an exact science and precision measurement.

Spice level one includes single tool recipes that are self-containted tweaks or optimizations.
Spice level two starts connecting tools in ways that will be comfortable to people who aren’t comfortable getting too techy.
Now we’re feeling the heat. These recipes may include snippets of custom code, multiple tools or data that is processed in spicy ways.
Just like our favorite Pad Thai... the difference between 3 and 4  is if you’re willing to stop mid-meal cause you can’t take the heat.
Whoa. This is spicy. These recipes include stringing together multiple tools, custom code and pushing no-code tools to their limits.