Not your grandma's web form. Typeform creates online forms that are a pleasure for you to build and your users to complete.

What is Typeform?

Typeform was a #gamechanger in the online web form world. Instead of creating forms that are just a wall of input fields, Typeform has a "one question at a time" approach. This user experience makes forms seem more approachable, less annoying and oddly, kind of enjoyable. Typeform has become a big player in the "online data collection" space - as they are expanding into chat bots, video and more.

Why we use Typeform

Typeform is at the top of our list when we need to create a short form (under 20 questions) and want to impress. The forms look great, are easy to complete and not too cumbersome to build. Getting users to complete forms can be a tough ask, so giving people an enjoyable experience increases the likelihood the form gets completed — which is the ultimate goal.

Our take on Typeform

Typeform is great for creating good looking forms. The platform includes some really nice features like form logic, nearly 20 question types, and customizations for images, colors, and other branding. For basic forms, the creation experience is intuitive and mostly straightforward. It would expect that almost any user could create a form in Typeform.

Typeform isn't our first choice when creating more complex forms that are sending lots of fields to another app in a workflow. Reason being, you'll need to use a tool like Zapier to transfer the data — which can be cumbersome when you're mapping dozens of fields between apps. Additionally, when creating a Formstack Document, the integration with Formstack Forms and Docs is robust and eliminates the need for Zapier. Therefore, complex internal forms that generate documents are better suited for Formstack Forms, in our opinion.

Learn more about Typeform

Visit the Typeform website to learn more, get pricing and see if Typeform is right for you.

Visit the Typeform Website

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