Automatically create documents... from other documents!

How to use Docparser, Zapier and Formstack Documents to automate document creation from PDFs in your inbox.


One of the most satisfying things to a No Code creator is automating the seemingly un-automatable (pretty sure that's not a word... but you catch my drift). This tutorial is just that... and as a result, it's somewhat complex. We have multiple tools hooked up with various integrations and we even have a sprinkling of code.

For this tutorial we recommend watching the video and using the text and code below as a reference.

Automation Workflow

PDF -> Docparser -> Zapier -> Formstack Documents -> PDF

Zapier Object Creation Code

lf you are pulling table data in your Docparser, you will need to make sure Zapier sends the data to Documents as an Object. So after your Docparser trigger step, add a Code Step and choose the "Run Javascript" action. You will need to modify this code a bit, but these are the bones.

Formstack Documents Object Loop Code

Here is a helpful support article from Formstack on looping through data in Documents.

Formstack Field Map JSON Object Code

Place this in your Field Map variable where you will be mapping your object in Zapier. Here is a helpful support article from Formstack on using JSON in your Document.