Pro Tip: How to rerun a form submission automation

The easiest way to rerun a form submission from inside Formstack

Whether it's because of a spelling error, someone changing their mind or entering incorrect information — sometimes you need to trigger an automation. If your automation workflow starts in Formstack Forms, there's an easy way!

Steps to rerun your automation

1. Login to Formstack and go to your form

Login to Formstack and go to your form

2. Click on Submissions

Click on Submissions

3. Choose your submission

This is the submission you would like to fix or rerun the automation on.

Choose your submission

4. Click on Integration Status

Click on Integration Status

5. Click on Run Again

If you need to edit the submission, you need to edit it before you run the integration again.  Click the Edit icon, fix the errors and click save.  Then Click Run Again.

Click on Run Again